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Criminal Defense

Our legal team investigates the facts and evidence in each case, learning more about the possible defenses available. We discuss all options with you, and work to find a deal that is in your best interests.

We handle several different criminal law cases for our clients, including: DUI/DWI charges, including cases in which motorists have refused to submit to a blood or breath test, Drug crimes, including manufacturing, intent to sell and possession of drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamines, K2 and prescription drugs, and Property crimes such as theft

We understand how important your case is to you, and we know that you have a lot to lose. You deserve an attorney who is willing to fight for you from the moment you are arrested up through your trial, if necessary. Bryce Brewer and the rest of our staff will be focused on preparing a strong defense to the charges you are facing. He will work tirelessly to help you retain your freedom and protect your rights.


DUI Defense

Nearly every law enforcement officer patrolling Arkansas or Tennessee roadways is looking for motorists demonstrating signs of being under the influence. The evidence the officer obtains in discussions with the drivers may be enough to begin a DUI investigation. Should you find yourself arrested for drunk driving or being under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs, you need to take immediate action to protect your rights.

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Skilled Little Rock Criminal Defense Attorney

We take a very aggressive approach to building your defense. We start by examining the actions of law enforcement at the time of the stop. Many police cars have video cameras on the dash to record traffic stops. We act immediately to preserve this evidence so that it is not lost during the process. We review the interactions you had with the officer, including any field sobriety tests that you may have performed.

The next phase of our investigation will look at the equipment used to check for the presence of alcohol in your system. We review the machines to determine if they were in proper working order and were being operated by trained technicians. We will attempt to have evidence excluded if it was not properly collected or tested.

After examining the evidence in your case, we begin to negotiate with prosecutors to help you find a solution that works for you. If your license has been suspended, we take steps to help you gain conditional driving privileges so that you may attend work or school.

In the event that we need to litigate your case, Bryce has handled numerous DUI cases inside the courtroom. He will aggressively challenge the prosecutor’s case and help you protect your driving privileges.


Drug Crimes

The amount of resources that police departments across Arkansas devote to investigating drug crimes is staggering. Agencies across the state are aggressively cracking down on individuals engaged in the manufacturing, possession or distribution of illegal drugs. Those who are arrested for any of these drug offenses need to be sure that they understand the significant penalties they may be facing.

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Protecting Your Rights At All Stages Of Your Case

The most important thing that we can do for you is to help you understand the options that are available to you in your defense. We examine the evidence in your case, and then discuss how you wish to proceed. If law enforcement acted unlawfully, we aggressively attempt to have certain evidence excluded from your case.

We understand that the penalties you are facing will vary greatly depending upon the substances involved. We have helped a number of clients in these cases, including those accused of manufacturing, possession or having the intent to sell the following drugs:

  • Marijuana
  • K2 (synthetic marijuana)
  • Methamphetamines
  • Prescription medications
  • Other illegal substances

Pleading guilty does not make your case go away. It will only add to the trouble that you are currently experiencing. If you have prior criminal convictions, you could see your penalties greatly enhanced.